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Shipston - Call for bollards to stop gypsies - Romany Women

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April 20th, 2008

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09:04 pm - Shipston - Call for bollards to stop gypsies
ShipstownTown Council is calling on Warwickshire County Council to install bollards along a section of London Road to stop gypsies and travellers setting up caravan sites there.

A group of caravans has finally left the site after a six-week stay during which public access was disrupted, a traveller's dog bit a walker, horses were tied to stiles, fencing was ripped out for firewood, and the site turned into a mess.

When informal attempts to get the travellers to leave failed, the county council obtained a court order and enforcement action was planned, - although the caravans left the day before they were due to be evicted.

County Cllr Chris Saint said the area surveyor was sending a team to secure the site and a clean-up was underway.

"There was straw left around so that will be removed and fencing replaced and the site tidied up," said Cllr Saint.

The town's Walking for Health Group has called for bollards to be put up to stop travellers blocking the footpath again.

It was one of their members who was badly bitten by the dog as they attempted one of their regular rambles.

The town council is now taking up the matter with the county council.

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