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Italy with special law against Gypsies from Bulgaria - Romany Women

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April 20th, 2008

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09:05 pm - Italy with special law against Gypsies from Bulgaria
Author: Blaga Bangieva


The number of travellers on the planes that fly in Italy from Sofia and Bucharest is not increasing. There was no influx of Bulgarians and Romanians on the Slovenian-Italian border, near to Trieste-the natural front door of Italy to workers from the two Balkan countries.

In the first two days since Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU, the real invasion did not came from outside, it came from inside, says the Italian publication "Balkans". The report is connected with the news from yesterday that the last born baby for 2006 and the first one for 2007 ,were borned in Torino, Italy, and were Romanian babies.

The Romanians and the Bulgarians already have the same rights as the French, German and Spanish people.

The Italian newspaper "Kordillere de la Sera", mentioned their hopes that the EU is not going to be sorry for the early expansion.

They also give the information that the Italian non-governmental organisations like "Kariras" and "Initiatives and examinations of the multi-ethnics societies" Foundation, are competeting to make prognosis of how many Romanians and Bulgarians will come to Italy.

The expectations vary from 60 to 105 who will rush to Italy. It is not so easy to prognosticate strictly, but the Italians are more afraid from the Gypsies, who are 2.5% of the total population of the two Balkan European members.

According to "Kordillere de la sera", the Italian Government is considering new draft of the law, for the coming Gypsies in Italy, most of who got no ID.

The journal informed that on the New years Eve, from all the centers of temporarily stay in Italy, the Bulgarians and Romanians, arrested for irregular documents or past permit for stay in Italy, are let out.

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