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romanywomen's Journal

Romany Women
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The purpose of this community is for Romany women from all over the world can come gather to learn from one another, discuss current events, perceptions and share our stories. In general, discussion is open to any topic, positive or negative as long as respect prevails. Although membership is not restricted solely to Romany people, please be aware that this is not intended to be a place to learn about our culture. Those who are Romany but were either adopted, not raised in the culture or did not grow up with their Romany side of the family are welcome to join and participate (this also applies if you have recently discovered you have Romany roots). Please also feel free to join romany_adoption.

Those who are not Romany but who wish to learn about the culture are also welcome to join romaandfriends.

This community does not tolerate
*ad hominem attacks
*cultural appropriation

Persons found to be abusing other members or violating these rules will be banned and removed from the community without warning.

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