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Gypsy music & film - Prague THIS weekend! - Romany Women

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April 20th, 2008

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09:09 pm - Gypsy music & film - Prague THIS weekend!
Dear friends and fans of Roma -

I am excited and honored to be able to invite you to the first Prague screenings of my newest film at the prestigious One World International Human Rights Film Festival. So I hope you have your laughing/crying/dancing shoes on to celebrate Gypsy music and a new movie!

tales of a Gypsy Caravan

(also known as: Gypsy Caravan)

Saturday 3 March @ 21:30 | Gypsy Pride Night celebration
Světozor- large auditorium, Vodičkova 41, Prague 1
Thursday 8 March @ 17:30 | Mestská knihovna MS
Opening screening on 3/3 attended by Jasmine Dellal (director/producer) - Romani Pride Night festival event, 2 films followed by a Gypsy music party

I hope to see you there and please forward the info to all interested friends...

ONE WORLD film festival has a history of community collaboration with Romani programs in Prague and we’re very honoured to become part of their Romani Pride Night on March 3rd.

5 bands from 4 countries on a 6-week tour across America. The Gypsy Caravan concert tour unites musicians from around the world and dazzles every audience they meet. Amazing performances. Full theaters. Backstage chaos. Giggles, tears and friendships... it's all there.
Johnny Depp admires them, crowds flock to sell out their shows, and one of the musicians just makes it home in time to die among family. Getting to know these people, we share their highs and lows — a wedding and poverty in Romania; a transvestite dancing in sequins in Rajasthan; racism in California; political triumph in Macedonia...
This rich feature documentary is a dramatic journey with raw powerful music, reflecting the harsh but triumphant history of Romani people through the centuries. It is a wild celebration of the musical world of the Roma, juxtaposed to the real world they live in. Shot by documentary icon Albert Maysles, luscious performance film interweaves with the stirring real life tales of the artists’ homes and families around the world.
Features performances by the top Gypsy musicians alive today: Macedonian diva and "Queen of the Gypsies" ESMA REDZEPOVA, traditional Indian folk troupe MAHARAJA, Romanian brass band FANFARE CIOCARLIA, the famous Romanian violin wizards TARAF DE HAIDOUKS, and the Spanish ANTONIO EL PIPA FLAMENCO ENSEMBLE from Andalucia.

Dedicated to the Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015)
More: http://www.GypsyCaravanMovie.com
or http://www.whentheroadbends.com

Taraf de Haïdouks
Fanfare Ciocarlia
Antonio el Pipa
Esma Redzepova
Directed: Jasmine Dellal
Camera: Albert Maysles, Alain de Halleux
Produced by Little Dust Productions/Jasmine Dellal
in association with ITVS, Fortissimo Films, FuWorks, CPB
Co-producer: Sara P. Nolan
Executive Producers: San Fu Maltha, Wouter Barendrecht, Michael J. Werner
Concerts produced by: World Music Institute
Sound: John Gurrin
International Sales: Fortissimo Film Sales B.V.

See you soon,

"You cannot walk straight
When the Road Bends..."
- romani proverb

Jasmine Dellal
Little Dust Productions
104 West 14th Street #4,
New York, NY 10011
www.WhenTheRoadBends.com / www.GypsyCaravanMovie.com

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